Philosophy & Mission


It’s our vision to create a world where beauty and healthiness go hand in hand, where people can be comfortable in their own skin and know that Olivier’s products are of the purest quality. We are a company that first and foremost considers the health, well-being and happiness of our community. We are continually moving forward, exploring new ways of bringing useful and meaningful products to people, while relying on, and drawing from the rich history that makes our company and our products unique and sincere.

Why Olivier?

Our Values

Without our value system we would be a rudderless vessel. Some companies have similar ideals mounted on boardroom walls, but we have them inscribed onto our hearts and we live and share them daily. We truly care for our Olivier community. The genesis of our product has never been, nor ever will be, based in pure consumerism. We truly believe our purpose is the creation of a product for the betterment of our communities’ lives.


We believe that one size does not fit all. Each individual's skin requires something different. We have created products to address your skin's needs, restore and maintain pH balance and help bring relief to symptoms associated with various skin sensitivities and conditions. Our research and development has spanned three decades and emphasized sourcing ingredients of the highest quality, with a foundation of recipes rooted in ancestry, combined with a modern keenness for innovation.

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