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Meet Olivier

Olivier’s history is rich with tradition and culture. Our soap making processes and recipes have risen from Acadia’s long past, and were themselves originally developed in France, Italy and Spain. Olivier is true to its origins: a community-based company that uses the finest olive oil and other pure ingredients to create extraordinary skin-care products. All of our soap, creams, and lotions were created with kindness and respect for our bodies and our planet.

The Little Bar of Soap that Did

Along Canada’s East Coast, is a small New Brunswick village called Ste-Anne-de-Kent. This is our home, where we created our first batch of soap in 1996. To understand the commitment behind our products it’s worth realizing the influence of this beautiful natural world, along with our desire to help people live better healthier lives. 

Over the years as people from the community, and beyond, came to us with their skin-care needs we have become so much more than that first bar of soap. 

As we searched for other natural recipes, the research and developpement team focused on how to bring skin into healthy balance using fresh, natural ingredients, while working in harmony with the environment. The task involved decades of researching and testing, combining our knowledge of science, art, and traditional workmanship. As a result, a local soap business grew to producing a diverse range of products, each one uncompromisingly well-crafted to take care of your skin without harming the planet. 

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