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It's a craft-workshop, a museum, a boutique that features entertaining show...

Step inside the door of Olivier Soapery and you will know that you are in a someplace special. It's a delicious treat for all your senses, humming with life and laughter.

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About Us

The Olivier Soapery in Ste-Anne-de-Kent, New Brunswick, is a living museum safeguarding the traditional craft of soap-making in the early 19th century.

Olivier is a community-based company that hand-crafts olive oil into extraordinary skin care products. All our products are created by hand with kindness and respect for our bodies and our planet.

Our soap-making process results in a hand-made soap of unsurpassed mildness and quality. Olivier soaps retain the natural glycerin of the soap. The natural beeswax ensures a long lasting bar (twice as long). Natural cocoa butter gives the soap an incomparable creamy lather and the olive oil moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin like no other ingredient in the world.


The Soap Experience

Soap Demonstrations

Be part of Olivier soap demonstration show. Come visit us and live the Olivier experience, a lively and entertaining show that will bring you into the fascinating world of soap making. Our dynamic and passionate team will take you through the history, experience and art of soap making. A one of a kind experience! What a wonderful way to have clean family and friend fun and great memories.

Throughout the summer of 2013, we invite you to come join us for our daily soap demonstrations.

Starting June 28th and up to September 9th, we will feature 4 free demonstrations per day, 7 days a week at the following times: 10:00am, 11:30am, 2pm and 4:00pm.

Self-guided tours

Humming with life and laughter, you will meet busy craftspeople, steeped in knowledge and using traditional techniques to handcraft our all natural soap. Hand-poured, hand-cut, hand-finished, our superb soaps are also hand-wrapped.


Learn the secrets to keeping your skin looking its healthy best by visiting the production facility and the laboratory. Elaborate your very own personalized skin type and create your appropriate skin care products. Add and mix flower petals, vegetable pigments and essential oils to put that ‘special touch' into your own skin care products. Call 1-888-775-5550 for your reservation today! ($30 per person or $80 per family).


The Soap Museam

The museum section at Olivier Soapery offers several objects from the past associated with hygiene and cleanliness.

Old bathtub, basin and pitcher, soap holders and soaps as well as tools are presented alongside a historical account of the evolution of soap and skin care since antiquity.

A vat brings in mind the era when people made cleaning soap during soap-making bees.

All of these accessories associated with soap make it possible for visitors to follow the evolution of the concept of personal care from antiquity to the present-day.


The Soap Boutique

An extraordinary adventure for the senses, visitors to the boutique can discover countless fragrances.

It includes soaps, milk baths, therapeutic oils; different types of creams... pamper you with these handcrafted products.

The creations of Olivier Soapery blend the aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils with the science of plants and the rich history of olive oil. We offer more than 140 entirely natural products in stock.

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Contact us

Olivier Soapery

831, road 505
Sainte-Anne-De-Kent, NB E4S 1J9

Tel.: 506.743.8938
Fax.: 506.743.2904
Toll Free: 1 888.775.5550